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While there are certainly plenty of people out there who enjoy competing against others for the opportunity to win a prize, there are others who enjoy the solitude of sitting at a machine and using their own strategies against the house. People like this often play video poker games online, and here at Mona Casino, that's why we've opted to provide so many different versions for you to enjoy.

Those who have never tried it before will be happy to learn that as long as they understand the fundamentals of Five-Card Draw, they'll have no problem enjoying these titles. Essentially, individuals will need to choose an amount to wager which typically ranges quite a bit in order to fit into a variety of budgets. Then, once they click the 'Deal' button, they will receive five cards from a traditional 52-card deck. The goal is to create the best hand possible from these cards, and in doing so, it is possible to choose which to 'hold' and which to return for exchange.

Choosing which cards to hold is as simple as clicking them, and by clicking 'Deal' again, those that weren't held will be exchanged. Finally, the software will determine the highest potential hand out of the final five cards and issue a payout accordingly. It truly has never been easier to play video poker games online, and here at Mona, we provide an excellent bonus to help you get started. You can use this to enjoy not only these titles, but various others that we make available. A recommended website for video poker casinos is, where players can find no deposit poker bonus codes in order to play games without using your own money. The site additionally offers in-depth information on the rules of different games and we recommend that you visit the site to start playing and winning today.