An Online Roulette Game: The Beginner's Guide

All kinds of people who would normally never step foot near a table in a bricks-and-mortar venue enjoy the opportunity to play an online roulette game. Here at Mona, our entire casino is internet-based and this means that we don't have limited floor space upon which to offer tables with only high limits. We can several different variations with wagering limits that vary greatly in order to appeal to our clientele.

American, French, Mini and European versions of the online roulette game can all be found here at Mona, and each one offers up something a bit different. European is the most popular because it presents the lowest house edge and rules that are quite easy to follow. Conversely, American is generally avoided because of the inclusion of the second zero pocket that reduces participants' odds drastically. Mini is often recommended for beginners as there are only 12 numbers on the wheel as opposed to 36, but this also affects the odds since the zero-to-numbers ratio increases drastically.

The French wheel is often the hardest to find because of the two additional rules that can help participants out. 'En Prison' allows individuals to spin again if the ball lands on zero; if the second bet wins, they cash in on them both. The 'La Partage' rule is similar though it allows participants to get back half of their initial wagers should the ball land on zero. All of the rules are clearly lined out in our establishment, so be sure to check them out before you make your first deposit.