The Privacy Policy at Mona Casino

The Privacy Policy at Mona Casino exists to inform players of the ways in which their personal and non-personal information will be collected, used and distributed. The purpose of the Policy is to set people's minds at ease when it comes to their security and let them know up front exactly what sort of information we need, the reasons we need it, and how we aim to protect it.

The first type of data we collect is known as personally identifiable information. This consists of things like names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and even financial information such as account and routing numbers. We gather this information for the purpose of providing our customers the products and services they request. It is never shared with third parties unless required by law, and it is encrypted during transmission as well as kept on secure servers with state of the art firewall protection.

The second type of data we collect is non-personally identifiable information. This consists of data that relates to our users' computer types, browser, domain name, operating system, times and dates of access, referring sites and more. We use this data to help create statistical analyses that we will share with our marketing partners in order to improve our venue and the ways in which we can make it available. We use cookies to do this; these are merely small bits of data that are placed on a computer and then removed once the browser is closed.