Mona Casino's Guide for How to Play Mini Baccarat and Win

Mini baccarat is a great game that many people really enjoy. Although it relies purely on chance, there are definitely a few ways to play intelligently to increase your chances of winning. Thanks to the low house edge compared to many other common casino games, it's much easier to get an advantage. Here are a few expert tips from us at Mona Casino, on how to play Mini Baccarat and win.

First, we're going to take a look at strategies that definitely do not work so that you can avoid them. Some people try to apply card counting, but it's not similar enough to blackjack to work. This strategy backfires even worse in an Internet casino, due to the random number generating technology used. Another thing to avoid is betting on a tie. Since this bet has a worse house edge than any other, it's safer to stick with betting on either the player or the banker. Finally, don't bother trying to make charts - there really is no pattern for you to predict so this will just end up distracting you.

The 1, 3, 2, 6 Baccarat System is one strategy that some players have found helpful. The premise is that you will wager small units, obtaining large returns. If you start out betting the table minimum and win, you then add 2 units to the original amount in your next wager. If you get another win, remove 4 units, only betting the last 2. In the event of yet another win, add 6 units to the remaining 2. If you lose at any point during this strategy, start over again from the first step. This is one form of smart bankroll management, which truly is the key in a game of chance. Play Mini Baccarat here at Mona Casino today to try out your new moves!